Pequi Oil – 3.4oz (100ml)


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If you are looking for something that helps out with dry or cracked skin, or dry/ brittle hair, you might try Pequi oil. This oil is safe to use and is a cold pressed oil. The seeds of the pequi tree are harvested and “pressed” by machine to “squeeze” out the oil. Cold pressed oils retain greater benefits than hot pressed oils because of the lack of heat used in the process. Pequi oil is high in essential oil fatty acids.


Common English Name: Pequi.

Botanical Name: Caryocar brasiliense Camb.

Plant Family: Caryocaraceae.

Method of Extraction: Cold pressing of the seeds.

Origin: Brazil (Cerrado).

Plant Description: A tall tree with yellow-white flowers and large, palmate leaves. It bears a fruit about the size of an orange. The seed is located inside of the fruit.

Main Chemical Components: Palmitic acid, oleic acid.

Blends Well With: Essential oils, other carrier oils.

Uses: Dry skin, cracked skin, dry hair, brittle hair, damaged hair.

Fun Fact: Pequi is popular in Brazil where it is used by local people for food, medicinal, and construction purposes.


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