We spend a lot of time and energy sourcing the raw ingredients for our products from organic farmers around the world who share our dedication to bringing high quality oils to the world.  These wonderful natural ingredients are sent to our partners in Tunisia, South Africa and France who extract the oils and ship them to us in the US.  This process keeps us in full control over what is in our products and also allows us to maintain full authorship of our oils. All of the oils, blends and oil based products we sell are unique to Au Natural Organics and are not sold under any other name or label.


Once we receive the raw ingredients, we begin the sorting process. Some oils twill be made available in their natural form, while others will be used in unique blends. In packaging our oils, we use are amber or miron glass bottles which help preserve the wonderful properties of the oils and help protect them from the Sun’s damaging UV rays. Some of these unblended oils can be used as ingredients for soaps, cosmetics or other natural handmade products while others are  used in aromatherapy.

In addition to this, we use our organic oils as the basis for other natural beauty products such as exfoliating scrubs, handmade soaps and herbal blends. We alos offer a number of unique oil blends.

All of our products are made with ingredients that are 100% organic and wild harvested. We guarantee that all ingredients and the finished products are pure and natural.


My dream since I was a girl working on my grandmother’s organic farm in Haiti has been to spread the word about natural health and beauty.   I remember waking up in the early morning every day to help my grandparents’ plant and harvest their crops. I was totally dedicated to helping their organic farm flourish.   I was committed to finding ways to battle the different challenges that came along with organic agriculture in those unfriendly terrains. My early experiences with organic farming prompted me to study, research, and educate others on the importance of growing and using real authentic organic ingredients and products.


In addition to a background in organic farming, I have witnessed for many years how natural and organic ingredients promote healthy living habits, and can also help in treating many illnesses that traditional science has not been able to cure. I have experienced the miracle of organics firsthand in my daughter who suffered with skin problems such as eczema, and psoriasis since she was a baby.   We were able to drastically improve her skin conditions through experimenting with and applying different blends of organic essential oils on her skin. This proof motivated me to open my own small business to help other individuals and families learn about what oils can do for them.


It’s my personal experience that using organic products can positively impact a person’s health and appearance.  There are many amazing claims out there concerning oils and it’s important for you to do your own research, but at the very least using natural organic products will reduce your exposure to the cocktail of chemicals in commercially available household and beauty products while achieving the same results.  Whether you’re looking for a natural anti-aging product or you’re interested in a natural air freshener or natural cleaning products, organic oils are a great place to start!


I’m here to help!  I love to share my knowledge about organic products and especially oils and how they can improve your life and your health!  If you have any questions about any of the products on  my website please don’t hesitate to ask through our contact page. !