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Strawberry Seed Oil

Strawberry oil has a mild, nutty aroma and is deep green in color. Made from cold pressing the seeds of the beloved fruit, this oil is easily absorbed by the skin and has strong moisturizing properties. High in omega 3 and vitamins A, B, C, and E, it is a good choice to use when treating damaged, irritated, or mature skin. When used in hari, it can help moisturize and soften hair and help repair damaged strands and split ends.  Do not confuse strawberry seed oil with artificial strawberry fragrance oils which do not contain the same components and are not naturally extracted.


Common English Name: Strawberry (seed).

Botanical Name: Fragaria x. ananassa.

Plant Family: Rosaceae.

Method of Extraction: Cold pressing of the seeds.

Origin: The hybrid fruit of the genus Fragaria was reportedly first cultivated in France, although wild strawberries were grown as far back as Roman times.

Plant Description: Cultivars vary in size, color, and shape but generally speaking the strawberry plant produces a mature, red-colored fruit that contains the seeds. It has serrated, green leaves.

Main Chemical Components: High in essential and unsaturated fatty acids including linoleic acid (omega 3 and omega 6), and oleic acid (omega 9). It also contains tocopherols, anti-oxidants, and polyphenols.

Blends Well With: Other carrier oils; essential oils.

Uses: Damaged skin, mature skin, sensitive skin, problem skin, moisturizes skin, hair care.

Fun Fact: The garden strawberry, Fragaria x. ananassa, is a hybrid of Fragaria virginiana and Fragaria chiloensis.

Cautions for Use: None noted for general aromatherapy use.


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