Oat Oil – 3.4oz (100ml)


Oat Oil

Oat oil is great for treating and nourishing damaged, maturing and dry skin. It is high in antioxidants and fatty acids and because of its eminency, it can penetrate the skin quickly to deliver nutrients. A unique extraction process which uses pine ethanol to extract the oil results in an oil that pulls nearly all of the beneficial nutrients from the oat kernel. Oat oil is stable great for mixing with other essential oils.


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Product Description

Common English Name: Oat.

Botanical Name: Avena sativa.

Plant Family: Poaceae.

Method of Extraction: Ethanol extraction from the oat.

Origin: Middle East but now produced world wide.

Plant Description: An ancient grass that has been domesticated as a food crop for thousands of years.

Main Chemical Components: Oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, tocopherol.

Blends Well With: Essential oils, other carrier oils.

Uses: Nourishing skin, smoothing skin, calming skin, mature skin, damaged skin, dry skin, damaged hair.

Fun Fact: Oats are also used as a food source for livestock.

Cautions for Use: None noted for use of the oil.

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