Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil – 3.4oz (100ml)


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Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil – 3.4oz (100ml)


Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil is a great oil for use in natural skin and hair care. It is high in Vitamin A which makes it useful as a natural anti-aging ingredient and conditioner. It is also good in natural acne treatments for its role in skin repair.


Common English Name: Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil.

Botanical Name: Actinidia chinensis.

Plant Family: Actinidia.

Method of Extraction: Cold pressing of the seeds.

Origin: North Central and Eastern China.

Plant Description: The edible berries of a woody vine.

Main Chemical Components: High in alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid.

Uses: Anti-aging moisturizer, hair conditioner.

Fun Fact: In China kiwifruit was traditionally given as a medicine to help children grow.

Cautions for Use: Keep out of the reach of children.


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