Wide Mouth Jar (400 ml)


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Great for leftovers, smoothies, and prolonging shelf life of oils, herbal essences and superfoods.

Cap is included.


Wide Mouth Glass Jar is the best alternative for any other oil, herbal essences, food or water container. This is Great for preserving smoothies, leftovers, and lengthening  shelf life of oils, herbal essences and superfoods. On the other hand, Plastic and Steel containers have many demerits of preserving food. This Jar is made of violet Glass. Violet Glass preserves bio-energy by protecting from light. This Wide Mouth Jar usually work like a natural filter. It only allows ultra-violet, violet and infra-red light into this bottle. It blocks other spectrum of visible lights. Wide Mouth Jar provides protection from the aging processes which usually caused by natural light. This improves the food’s vitality and also raises frequency. As a result this is one of the best container to fill and store high-quality foods, supplements, herbs, elixirs and water also. It lengthen durability and potency of preserved goods.

**A High Quality Cap is included with the bottle.

Specification :

(13 1/3 ounces)
Material: Violet Glass

Height : 133 mm,
Diameter : 76 mm
Weight : 350 gr
Shape : Round
Capacity : 400 ml

Wide Mouth Jar is the best alternative for any other oil, herbal essences or food container


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