Palo Santo Hydrosol – 3.4oz


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Palo Santo Hydrosol – 3.4oz


Also known as “Holy Wood”, Palo Santo is produced from the bark of the Palo Santo tree in Ecuador. It is considered a spiritual oil and is used in ways similar to incense to purify and remove negative energies.


Common English Name: Palo Santo Hydrosol or Palo Santo Oil.

Botanical Name: Bursera graveolens.

Plant Family: Burseraceae.

Method of Extraction: A hydrosol is the water that remains after the oil is extracted from the Palo Santo wood.

Origin: Ecuador.

Plant Description: A wild, native tree

Main Chemical Components: high concentration of d-limonene which is commonly found in the peel of citrus fruits like oranges.

Blends Well With: Other essential oils.

Uses: aromatherapy: cleansing and purifying.

Fun Fact: Only dead wood is used to make Palo Santo, it is believed that the longer the tree has been dead, the more powerful the oil.

Cautions for Use: Dilute before using.

Palo Santo Hydrosol


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