Mandarin Oil -3.4 oz (100 ml)

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Mandarin oil has been used in traditional folk remedies in China where it is famous for its many benefits to health and beauty. It is now commonly used in cosmetic formulations for its ability to brighten the skin’s appearance and is often added to products help soothe and smooth the look of mature skin. It adds a sweet citrus scent to any skin or hair care recipe and may also be used in aromatherapy.


Mandarin Oil -3.4 oz (100 ml)

Common Name: Mandarin Oil, Tangerine Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata

Plant Family: Citrus

Method of Extraction: Cold compressed

Origin: China.

Plant Description: Small citrus tree with small orange/yellow fruit.

Main Chemical Components: limonene and λ-terpinene

Blends Well With: Woody scents (clary sage oil, vetiver oil, and sandalwood oil), florals (rose, geranium oil, jasmine oil, lavender oil and ylang-ylang oil) as well as other citrus oils and spice oils;

Uses: perfume oil, add to cosmetic recipes to brighten skin

Fun Fact: mandarin fruits were given as gifts to the royals in China.

Cautions for Use: Do not apply directly to the skin. Use only under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner if you are pregnant or suffering from epilepsy, liver problems or cancer. May increase the risk of sun damage in skin exposed to sunlight.

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    Great oil for Aromatherapy!

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