Pamper your skin with a natural plant-based body or face butter!

We offer a range of botanically-based body and face butters that can be used alone as an organic moisturizer or added as an ingredient to introduce an extra boost of moisture in your organic skincare and haircare formulations.

Butters are solid at room temperature and are often selected for their natural emollient properties. They are commonly used as an ingredient in natural lotions, lip balms, soaps and deodorants.

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Avocado Wax – 9oz (266ml)

Avocado ButterAvocado is a thick, deep green-colored oil that may turn solid in colder temperatures. It is a good skincare oil to use in combination with lighter oils. It is also used to make a skincare butter. 

Best Tamanu Body Butter – 25kg

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Tamanu butter is an antioxidant-rich natural elixir with healing properties. You can nourish your skin and embrace a transformative beauty ritual. Right now, improve your skincare routine!

Mango Butter – 9oz (266ml)

Mango ButterMango is a tropical tree which gives up an oil from its kernels. The oil can be used in skincare for all types of skin. Combine mango oil with other carrier oils for additional benefits. 

Shea Butter Nilotica 9.oz (266 ml)

Although many people are familiar with traditional shea butter in use for skin care products, shea butter nilotica is a more specialized type of shea butter – offering a more luxurious product. Typically, shea butter nilitica is extracted from the East African Vitellaria species.

Tamanu Body Butter – 9oz (266ml)

Tamanu Butter Tamanu oil is a thick, viscous tropical oil that is dark-green to black in color. It is highly valued in skin care, especially for damaged skin. Natives have traditionally used the oil to protect themselves against the harsh, tropical sun and wind. Our Tamanu Butter has been churned with hydrogenated vegetable oil to turn it into this silky smooth buttery texture.